Elevacity Elier Organic Mud Mask Review From a Man! :)

I always hate trying anything skincare related. Every time I do I normally break out from what ever I put on my face. Shaving cream, cleanser, toners, masks, 2 Minute Miracle Gel, etc,.. I have tried so many different products that people say I wont have any issues with but I end up breaking out. So far with the Elier Organic line I’m having better luck.

When I first hear about the Elier Mud Mask and the product line I was turned off by it because It’s being marketed through an MLM (multi Level Marketing) channel. Based on my past experience GOOD and BAD with MLM I almost didn’t even try it. Why? Because more than likely I was going to be able to find the same exact product at Target or in the Mall. A lot of MLM companies go to a vendor and white label a product that has already been out and they label it with a new brand and logo and say it’s the newest and greatest thing and only available through us. Well, not in this case! I did my homework.

Why Should I Even Care About A Mud Mask?

The Elier Mud Mask states it is suitable for every skin type which is another claim I am a little suspicious of since different skins do require different treatments. I dated an Esthetician for 6 years so I picked up a few things and learned that some skin types products work really well for and some it does the opposite.

One of the main reasons I decided to try it is because I’m now 40 years old. I look around and I see woman taking such great care of their skin and look amazing. Then I look around at guys and holy cow, even guys in the 30 years old range look way older than they really are. Yes when you are young you want to look older but that goes away pretty fast! 🙂 After seeing this and taking note that I’m starting to show the signs of aging, I want to take better care of my skin. I have to hand it to you ladies, you look amazing!

What’s In The Elier Mud Mask?

What’s in it?

Peloid Complex – is a balance of active components of highly organic mud (Elier). It’s the world’s only unique deep-action highly organic complex, which enters in the deepest tissues of the body and provides a complex action on all important functions of the skin. Thanks to the 5-stage extraction technologies, it is possible to extract highly organic substances – minerals (Cu, Ni, Mg, Mo, Ba), ferments, peptides, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, microelements, natural antibiotics and antioxidants, which, acting on the deepest tissue layers, strengthen the immune system of the organism, contribute to proper functioning of the organism, remove toxins and act as a strong anti-oxidants.

The exclusive complex contains:

Humic substances. One of the strongest natural antioxidants. Provides the skin cells with protection against negative environmental impacts and against the UV light exposure. Improves metabolism of skin cells, reduces skin cell stress, activates cellular energy and implementation of protein resources. Protects the skin from premature aging.

Peptides. Regulate biochemical processes in cells, stimulate cell regeneration. Slow down aging processes.

Sodium. Maintains a balance of the amount of water within the intercellular space. Regulates and stimulates proper functioning of skin cells.

Potassium. Regulates the cellular moisture level.

Calcium. Effects the permeability of cell membranes, provides an anti-inflammatory, toning effect, which prevents cellular dehydration.

Magnesium. Maintains cellular balance.

Phosphorus. Provides effects of cellular energy and regulates metabolic processes.

Chlorine. Regulates enzyme activity. Participates in the process of water and salt exchange.

Iron. Improves the skin tone.

Cortisol. Stimulates new skin cell formation, enhances smoothing of the skin, provides the skin with a healthy radiance.

Vitamins. Hydrate, soften and tone the skin, make it velvety. Vitamins are nourishing and regenerating components, which provide the skin with energy, increase the skin’s tone and improve its physiological characteristics. Stimulate formation of new skin cells and improve the replication capacity.

Minerals. Improve skin structure, regenerating processes and metabolic processes in cells.

Amino acids. Amino acids are basic building elements of our organism.

Bioflavonoides. Natural anti-oxidants. Prevent free radicals from entering the cells.

Peloid Complex contains certain active elements:
Enzymes, glycosides, tannins, polysaccharides, muciloginous substances and sequestrants, pectins, starch, enzymes, cellulose, organic acids, fatty acids, photosynthetic pigments, phytoncides, selenium, iodine, choline, inosotil, niacin, fermenting elements, pantothenic acid, para-aminobenzonic acid, testosterone, isoflavones, sterols, proteins, estradiol. Vitamins: Thiamine (Vitamine B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Pyrodoxine (Vitamin B6), Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), Vitamin P, Vitamin H.

Studies have shown that all elements of the Peloid Complex are also present in the skin cells. Skin cells can easily identify and trust the harmonic Peloid Complex.

Ingredients INCI

Aqua, Peloid (Peloid Complex), Sodium Chlorid



I got one mask out of the sachet. The mask is very dark! I was not expecting that. When I put it on the girl friend came down stairs and was like “What are you doing”?

I have seen other reviews on this product and people say there is no smell. It has a smell of mud if that makes sense? My skin did have a tingle feeling. Im pretty sure that was just from the mud drying on my face. My skin is very sensitive and 24 hours later still no sign of a break out.

The mask dries quickly and is surprisingly easy to wash off (I used a soft washcloth), leaving no mess or muddy streaks. My skin was surprisingly soft and smooth afterwards even with a 5 O’clock shadow.




How to use it?

I have seen many different ways people are using this mask and I decided I would share them with you.

For you guys that actually read this far, I’m pretty sure you don’t care to much about skincare products. If that’s the case I urge you to really look around. You ARE going to get older and what you do now will make an impact on you when you are 30, 40,50 or 60 years old. My advice, START NOW!!! 

Shake well before use. You have to heat mask above water up to +40 and apply after it has been heated. For dry and sensitive skin do not heat the mask. The effect will be seen after regular use.

Face Treatment: Shake well before use. Apply a thin layer of 2 – 3 mm.
The length of treatment for dry/sensitive skin is from 4 to 7 minutes.
For normal/combination skin – from 10 to 15 minutes.
After treatment rinse off the mask using warm water.

Body Treatment: Shake well before use. Apply thin layer of 2 – 3 mm and leave for 20 – 30 minutes.
Rinse completely.

Hair Treatment: Shake well before use. After hair wash, massage mask into hair in the whole length put on a shower cap and wrap head in the towel to keep warmth. The length of treatment 20 – 30 minutes, then rinses it off with warm water. After rinsing off shampoo or mask, massage into hair highly organic mud balm to reach particularly regenerating and strengthening effect and to rinse off shampoo remains.
In rare occurrences, the ingredients can cause slight and short-term changes of color to gray, decoloured, light or semi-permanently tinted hair.


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